About Us

The MIT Club of Southern California (MITCSC) is a volunteer organization run by and for the alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology living and working in Southern California. Its mission is to leverage the MIT connection to enrich the lives of alumni and the broader communities they are a part of.

The club acts as a communications link between alumni in Southern California and the Institute. We cooperate with MIT in recruiting students and promoting the Institute's reputation.

MITCSC brings together alumni with common interests via networking events, keynote talks by MIT faculty or local alumni, outdoor and family activities, and special interest committees.  A few of our current committees focus on Entrepreneurship, Energy & Sustainability, K-12 Education, Entertainment, and Real Estate. We give back to the community by supporting STEM programs in schools.

The club is also an invaluable resource for alumni looking for career support. We organize workplace tours and interview workshop panels for those interested in further developing their careers.  

MITCSC is a non-profit organization funded by membership dues and is run by a group of alumni volunteers. Any alumnus can suggest an idea for an event or a committee, and collaborate with other MIT alumni in the area make it a reality through our organization. If you aren't already a member, please consider joining MITCSC today! You can even volunteer in a greater capacity and join our board of directors or one of our committees.

We also have the club's bylaws available online (updated November 11, 2014) as well as the club's Communications and Events policies (updated November 8, 2014 - DOC file).

For reference, we also have an administrative Wiki.