Alums in Southern California have a variety of interests and pursuits. These programs and committees are part of MITCSC.

Career Development - Career Development helps members network with other alumni, companies, career coaches, recruiters, and professional organizations.

Energy and Sustainability Group
 - The mission of the Energy and Sustainability Group is to facilitate discussion about energy and sustainability through social events, lectures, and networking opportunities. Participants come from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds yet have a common interest in finding energy and sustainability solutions for the future.

K-12 Education Group - The K-12 Education Group focuses on increasing members' awareness and understanding of K-12 education issues, and providing opportunities for alums to volunteer or mentor K-12 teachers and students.

MIT10 - Are you a young alum and interested in meeting other young alums in the area? Our MIT10 chairs organize social gatherings and networking events for recent grads.

OC Group - A large group of alumni live and work in Orange County. The OC Group organizes events local to the area.

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