Membership Drive

Dear MIT Southern California Alumni,

Isn't it great that we no longer have to deal with Cambridge winters and can bask in the Southern California sunshine?  What better way to enjoy the SoCal weather than with your fellow MIT alums at an upcoming MIT Club of Southern California event? 

A sampling of the club events we have in the pipeline for the remainder of this year include:
  • Federal Reserve Tour  (members only)
  • Joint event with Harvard Club of Southern California
  • LA Ballet event in December (members-only)
  • Eagle Rock Brewery with lobster truck (members-only)
  • MIT-Wellesley Bar NightNerd Nite “Discovery Channel with Beer” 
  • Griffith Observatory Tour, open for families, observatory is closed, but will open just for us (members-only)
  • Roundtable Entrepreneurship Event
  • Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena (members only)
For just $25 for a Regular Membership, you can get access to members-only club events, show your MIT pride, and help support your local MIT alumni organization!  Included with your annual membership are discount admissions for you and your guests to club events, professional networking/career opportunities, and exclusive access to members-only events.

Other benefits include the opportunity to contribute to teacher scholarships, helping us to catch up to clubs such as Boston | New York | Northern California, and receiving fewer reminder emails from me.  

It's easy to join, either:

1) Online: join or renew via our website
2) Via snail mail: print out, fill, and mail, along with a check the Membership form

If you'd like more information about the club, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thanks and hope to see you at an event soon!


Shang Chou
VP of Membership
MIT Club of Southern California
(send me an email)