Board of Directors

The continued success of MIT Club of Southern California is due to the work of dedicated alumni who volunteer their time and effort to foster a stronger local community, organize great events and maintain an up-to-date link with MIT. Are you interested in joining our team?

For 2014-2015:

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Voting Positions
President Miral Kim-E '85
Vacant (apply)  
Secretary Donna Wrublewski '00  missdw
Treasurer Albert Arfania '04
VP Membership
Shang Chou '08
VP Programs
Vacant (apply)
VP Career Development
Salomon Davila '97
VP Communications
Erin Fujioka '96
Chair, Social Media
Phil Bangayan '03  bangayan
Chair, Young Alum (MIT10)
Matt Gethers '09
Chair, Energy & Sustainability
Steve Luis '91  sjluis
Co-chairs, K-12 Learning
Luz Rivas '95 (Los Angeles)
Paul Strasma '02 (Orange County)
Chair, Sloan LA
Missy Brost '09
Chair, Sloan Orange County
Jennifer Chang '03
Past President
Quinn Goldstein '99
Henry Lichstein

Non-Voting Positions
Chair Real Estate
Clifton Chang '71
Co-Chairs, Pasadena Lunch
Arthur White '48
Bob Lord '66
Liaison, Orange County
Miral Kim-E '85  miral
Co-Liaisons, Santa Barbara
Daniel Brooks '98
Bob Johnson '63
BGALA Liaison
Vacant (apply)
Education Council Chair, Los Angeles
Thomas Glen Leo '75
Education Council Chair, Orange County
Ilham Malek Hamamji '86
Education Council Vice Chair, Orange County
Joanna Tan '74
Education Council Chair, Inland Empire
Robert Heinze '68
Education Council Chair, Santa Barbara
Daniel Brooks '98
Education Council Chair, Ventura County
Angus Andrews '60
Lifetime Directors
Bruce Blomstrom '59
L. Robert Johnson '63
Antonia Schuman '58
Frank Wyle '41